Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow poker is an Asian game that originally was played using playing tiles that resemble the domino. The game that is played in America using playing cards was created to make pai gow poker easier to understand. You will find several benefits to playing inside a good online casino! Check the casino en ligne page at!

To play pai gow poker using cards, you will need a standard poker deck, and you will use one of the jokers. The rules that apply to the use of the joker say that it may be used as an ace, or you may use the joker in a flush, in a straight flush, and in a straight. You may not use the joker in any other hand, unless you are playing it as an ace. >p> The table that is used to play pai gow poker on is about the same size as a standard blackjack table. The casino acts as the banker, and then there can be as many as six additional players.

Each table will have a minimum amount that it allows a player to bet, so based on this amount the players will each place their bets. Once the bets are in place the dealer will makes stacks of cards that contain seven playing cards. There will be one stack for each player at the table. Once these stacks are completed the bank will shake a cup that contains three die to determine which player gets to select the first stack of cards.

The players select their cards, and they look at them, and they divide the seven cards into one set of five cards, and one set of two cards. There are places on the table marked for the two different sets of cards each player has. These sets are considered to be two separate hands, and both of your hands must beat the bankerÂ's two hands for you to win. If one of your hands wins, it is called a push, and there will be no winner for that round. If your hands tie with those of the banker you are considered to have a copy, and the banker wins the round. Of course you lose the round of pai gow poker if the bankerÂ's hands beat yours.